Following the reading of The Celestine Prophecy (again!) by James Redfield, I have started a One Faith Project following its message and the guidance found in the books. This will also include the existentialist and eclectic counselling perspective, the experience of chaplaincy, and will be based on freedom of faith and expression, supported by deep respect and aimed at understanding, belonging, and knowledge.

The One Faith Project does not intend to proselytise, change anybody’s mind, faith or religion, judge nor reject. It is based on the assumption that people of different faiths or no faith at all can still sit at the same table and openly discuss their beliefs, and all pray with and for each other. It is based on Love; and Freedom, and explores the guidelines of the Celestine Prophecy in terms of eternity and mission.

More info can be found on the following pages I have created here on the website, under the heading One Faith Project:

  1. The books : here
  2. The twelve insights : short version : here
  3. The concept of the One Faith Project : here
  4. The First Insight : here
  5. The Second Insight : here
  6. The Third Insight : here
  7. The Fourth Insight : here
  8. The Fifth Insight : here
  9. The Sixth Insight : here
  10. The Seventh Insight : here
  11. The Eighth Insight : here
  12. The Ninth Insight : here
  13. The Tenth Insight : here
  14. The Eleventh Insight : here
  15. The Twelfth Insight : here

For any information regarding opportunities to meet up and discuss, share, and not feel excluded, please contact me via the Facebook page or via email at

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