9- Fulfilling Human Destiny

We can now see how if everyone were practising this virtue of “uplifting others” we would quickly accelerate the spiritual transformation of the world. It works this way: when someone uplifts us we feel it as increased energy because we receive a greater experience with the Divine Mind. When we return this energy, it moves our heightened energy back into them. Both people doing this creates a hot-house effect back and forth, where both people feel their Divine Connection getting stronger and stronger. Think of the “where two gather” phenomenon. When this goes viral, then everyone can quickly identify their life missions and can Synchronistically move to the right place of service.

As we embrace a continuous experience of Synchronicity, millions of individuals will be unleashed to follow their destinies — and we will all find a place in the working world, which is in need of freedom from corruption. In this way, all the institutions of life are moved toward a perfect level of functioning. Capitalism itself, business at every level, food production, the problems of poverty, chemical pollution, and Government regulation will all become enlightened.

This enlightened Conscious evolution works because it happens through an effort all at once, replacing the top-down efforts by corrupt governments. The result is an economic development that frees up more and more time for individuals to pursue higher energy states directly with others. Eventually, the basic needs of humanity can then all be automated and provided, as we focus on Synchronicities that will carry us to ever greater spiritual consciousness. Over time, such growth will transform us into a spiritual form and unite our current dimension with the after-life dimension, ending the cycle of birth and death. Humanity’s destiny is, gradually, to bring the intelligence that inspires the Heavenly realms into the Earthly Domain.

The Ninth Insight Experience Study

In The Celestine Prophecy, the Ninth Insight is called, “The Emerging Culture.” It builds on the previous insight, “The Interpersonal Ethic,” which reveals how, when we communicate with others, we MUST enhance our attitude of giving as we communicate. We must “uplift” others by looking past their ego or defence mechanisms to see their spiritual essence.

The Ninth Insight says, as we search for our spiritual truth, we are led into a future where everyone has slowed down and become more alert to each meaningful encounter that comes along. Our lives feel secure as the Divine presence guides us. We trust in a greater plan.

The Ninth Insight is a prediction of how human culture will evolve as a result of mass spiritual awareness. When a large number of people become mindful of the previous insights and work toward fulfilling their Spiritual Destiny, our way of life will change dramatically.

According to the Ninth Insight, the first step is a period of intense self-examination. Our sense of purpose will be satisfied by the thrill of our own development — An excitement transpires deep within as we focus on our behaviour, thoughts, and relationships. During this time, we expand our consciousness to a new level with the sensation of receiving an intuition and seeing it confirmed with a synchronistic event. Fireworks go off while we watch our destinies unfold.

With so many of our synchronistic occurrences coming from other people in our lives, think of how we will be able to uplift our connections with others when we begin to transcend our control dramas and form more authentic relationships. Once free from manipulation, we will consciously share our life stories with others until, joyfully, we discover the importance of the relationship to help us on our path of personal discovery.

We will be able to sense the underlying significance of all the people we encounter along the way – whether the relationship evolves to become lifelong or you move forward again on your own individual journey, and the meeting was meant to teach us something in one way or another. Either way, we exist with new awareness and can thereafter touch others in a way not possible beforehand. Can you visualize our personal encounters having this much meaning and significance?

As we learn to develop and pursue our particular path, truth by truth, the Ninth Insight says the overall culture will transform in a very predictable way.

Imagine if you will…

People are guided by their intuitions, and everyone knows precisely what to do and when to do it, and this will fit harmoniously with the actions of others. No one will consume excessively because we will have let go of the need to control for security. Life has become about something else altogether.

We receive clear intuitions of who we really are and what we are supposed to be doing, and very often we may discover we are in the wrong job and have to jump to another type of work in order to continue to grow.

We grasp how beautiful and spiritual the natural world really is and hold all of nature with respect and awe. We demand an end to any economic activity that threatens this treasure. And those closest to this situation find alternative solutions to the problems because someone intuits these alternatives as they seek their life’s mission.

We realize that the truth we have to tell and the things we have to do are much too unique to fit into the usual job setting. So we find ways to cut our employment hours to pursue our own truths. Two or three people hold what used to be one full-time job.

We continue to discover more about the energy dynamics of the universe, and see what really happens when we give someone something. Giving is really a universal principle of support; not just for churches, but for everyone. When we give, we receive in return. We begin to give constantly, and we always have more coming in than we could possibly give away.

Our gifts will go to the people who have given us spiritual truth. When people come into our lives at just the right time to give us the answers we need, we give them money. This is how we will begin to supplement our incomes and ease out of the occupations which limit us. The work we do (teaching, nursing, accounting, etc.) will feed our soul and lead us further down the path of our Destined mission.

As more people engage in this spiritual economy, we begin a real shift to the culture of the next millennium. We will have moved through the stage of evolving into our right occupation and will be entering the stage of getting paid for growing freely and offering our unique truth to others. Paying others for their insights will begin the transformation, and then as more and more parts of the economy are automated, currency is disappearing altogether. We don’t need it. Since we are all correctly following our intuitive guidance, we only take what we need.


The more readily we have energy flowing into us, the more mysteriously the universe responds by bringing people into our lives to answer our questions. And every time we follow an intuition and some mysterious encounter leads us forward, our personal vibration increases.

The Celestine Prophecy pg. 243-244
“Onward and upward. Our Destiny is to continue to increase our energy level, and as our energy level increases, the speed of vibration in the atoms of our body increases – meaning we are getting lighter and more purely spiritual. The Ninth Insight predicts that as humans continue to increase their vibration, an amazing thing will begin to happen. Whole groups of people, once they reach a certain level, will suddenly become invisible to those still vibrating at a lower level. It will appear to the people on this lower level that they just disappeared, but the group themselves will feel as though they are still right here, only they will feel lighter. When this happens, it will signal that we are crossing the barrier between this life and the other world from which we came, and to which we will go after death. This conscious crossing over is the path shown by the Christ. He opened up to the energy until he was so light he could walk on water. He transcended death right here on Earth – to expand the physical world into the spiritual. His life demonstrated how to do this, and if we connect with the same Source, we can head the same way, step by step.”

The important thing for us right now is to consciously develop our spiritual awareness and self-growth so we may understand where we are headed. In the past, we couldn’t save the environment and democratize the planet and feed the poor because we have not been able to release our fear of scarcity and our need to control so that we could give to others. We couldn’t release our fears because we had no view of life that served as an alternative. Now we do!

The important thing is to seek out the truth of this way of life. We’re here on this planet not to build personal empires of control, but to evolve. Furthermore, by getting into alignment with this design, you set the stage for the complete integration of all the insights and sustained higher consciousness as the levels work together automatically.

When this goes viral, then everyone can quickly identify their life missions and can Synchronistically move to their rightful place of service. Over time, such growth will transform the overall culture into the Destined spiritual form.

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All info provided as found on The Celestine Vision website here.

More info regarding dates and meeting and the work of The Resting Tree can be found here. You can contact me via email at info@therestingtreelancs.com or during working hours only on 07576 007363.

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