2- The World has a “Spiritual Design”

This step in consciousness happens when we look back on the spiritual journey of humanity throughout history. We see that we are in a new phase of human progress. Humanity is now awakening from a materialistic worldview and moving into a new outlook that recognizes “spiritual design.” This design rewards an attitude of “helping others” and “making the world better.” When we adopt this new world perspective, our soul’s dream, of our mission, comes to us, and we move toward this destiny by a near miraculous “Intuition and Synchronistic Flow.” Thus, we are learning to make our way in the world by finding a spiritual connection and allowing ourselves to be guided. In this way, we’re discovering a more detailed understanding of how the world genuinely works. Together, with this insight, we can shape another historical era of inspirational life for generations to come.

The Second Insight: Experience Study

What do you see when you look closely at human progression throughout history?  I became interested in why people seem to be searching, struggling, reading and sharing articles and stories online, looking to better their lives and their relationships.  Why is our world today set up to have immediate access to almost every subject imaginable?  What does this mean? Where are we headed?

The Celestine Prophecy’s second of the twelve insights is called ‘The Longer Now.’ It builds on the previous insight (Mass Consciousness) by providing us with a deeper, more meaningful understanding of human history and how it has determined our present perspective of reality.  By examining the last thousand years of civilization, you can learn the motivation behind our unrelenting drive to create higher standards of living.  Our human mission has been to find practical ways of obtaining access to information and conveniences for our daily lives.

The second insight explains why we became occupied with material security and comfort in the first place and how this period was necessary for our Spiritual Awakening. Once we come to realize this as a natural and inevitable progression, we can then take steps to help the process along.

The awareness of Synchronicity and Intuition in our lives, today, represents an awakening from what has been a distraction with material security and comfort.  Further, we have existed in an earthly slumber for centuries.

Our Passage

Historically, mankind has been through periods that are controlled by various beliefs and attitudes. Humanity has had a captivation with discovering all that this world has to offer. This strong drive all began with having unanswered questions to the true meaning of life, which created a void in our experiences on earth.

Our current view of the world is shaped and influenced by the culture of media. The second insight teaches us to appreciate our ancestors and how those who came before us saw the world. By appreciating this evolution of ideas and faith, outlined in the following paragraphs, we can grasp the new levels of consciousness of this present age. This cooperation with the Divine has the potential to advance human development further than it has ever been before.

The European Renaissance began when we lost our faith in the ability of medieval churchmen to describe our spiritual reality.  Every aspect of the medieval world was defined in other-worldly terms, which was interpreted by the representatives of the church. As the priesthood began to fall into abuse of power and violations of their oaths to God and church, rebellion grew among the populace.

Clubs and fragment groups developed their own interpretation of the scriptures. The rebellion was partly due to disgust with the actions of the established priesthood and also because the people felt they should have access to the scriptures. They wanted to form personal interpretations of their spiritual practices and occurrences without the need for a middleman.

The Age of Science and Progress

As we began to explore the nature of the world, a science developed, resulting in an ever increasing quest for knowledge and understanding of our universe and its properties. Our questions regarding God and the purpose of life had not been answered, so as a means of distraction from our insecurity, we sent out investigators to report back on the evidence they found.

In fact, we created a request for science to study the world around us so that we could identify our spiritual nature.  However, scientific findings worked to disprove the long-held beliefs; for example, the Earth was neither flat nor the centre of the universe.  Then the church and its ideas concerning the large spiritual picture came into question.  Again, we felt lost and uncertain, which stemmed a deep existential anxiety.  We began to turn to practical observation rather than relying on our inborn knowledge and its reasoning. This facilitated the dawning of the Modern Age.

We eased the human insecurity by preoccupying ourselves with yet another goal: physical progress. We decided to settle on this Earth of ours, improving our conditions in the physical world- at least until we uncovered our true spiritual situation.

During the Industrial Revolution, we saw major technological gains, reaffirming the mindset of “progress.” And we almost lost our need for spiritual knowledge completely.  Preoccupying ourselves with materialistic concerns, we accepted the illusion that we lived in a rational and predictable universe, where chance occurrences had no meaning. As mankind progressed, mechanization and technology led to higher and higher levels of consumerism, thereby leading us away from our age-old quest for the spiritual meaning of life.

In the last decades of our century –led by science itself– this former worldview, empty of spiritual mystery, began to dissolve. And now we find ourselves at this very moment, where we are open to a new way of learning and perhaps developing the 12 Insights.  The time spent exploring and cultivating our world was not time wasted, as it facilitated the evolution of our thought processes and brain capacity through experimentation and invention.   While this technological preoccupation was an important step, our awakening to life’s “coincidences” opens us up to the real purpose of human life on this planet, and the real nature of our universe.

Before we can understand where we are, and what is going to occur next, we must understand what has really been happening during this current thousand-year period.  Working to establish a more comfortable style of survival has grown to feel complete in and of itself as a reason to live, and we’ve gradually, methodically, forgotten our original issue… We’ve forgotten that we still don’t know what we’re surviving for.  It’s time now to wake up from the distraction and reconsider our original question. What’s behind life on this planet? Why are we really here? We grasp the Second Insight when we understand the historical momentum leading us to a new, more mysterious, spiritual life design.

Start now:

The Second Insight teaches us that we should live our beliefs rather than talk about them. These beliefs are communicated by actions that we take in our own lives that project a model to others.  We can begin by taking the time to pay attention to the present moment and the people in it. By taking deep breaths and having an intention to focus on the way our body feels, the sounds in our environment, and engaging in “The Longer Now,” we can appreciate the fullness of each moment. This daily practice can affect our existence whereby coincidences start to provide subtle signals of guidance for us.

Now observe culture not just from the perspective of our own lifetimes but the perspective of a whole millennium. It reveals our true problem to us so we can be lifted above it. You have just experienced this longer history so you can live in a longer now. Together, with this insight, we can shape another historical era of inspirational life for generations to come.

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All info provided as found on The Celestine Vision website here.

More info regarding dates and meeting and the work of The Resting Tree can be found here. You can contact me via email at info@therestingtreelancs.com or during working hours only on 07576 007363.

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