And yes, we are coming to London!

We are coming with a full experiential exclusive workshop on a boat.
Does it get any better than that?

Snapshot 1 (17-07-2018 14-08)Snapshot 3 (17-07-2018 14-09)

What is this all about?

Come and find your Voice : discover that hidden part of you that wants to be heard, that one that yells inside, that silent scream.

Come and find your Tribe : like-minded people, who just know that something has to change, even if they don’t know exactly where, nor how or when; come and howl with them.

Come and find Options : think outside the box, make an informed choice, take a risk.

Come and meet the Author: and she will tell you to never give up, to stand tall and proud of who you are, she will walk alongside you while you are taking the first steps to a new life or simply when you will acknowledge that something, now, really has to change.

Come to face the Past : whether you want to forget it, forgive it, rebel against it, understand it,  make sense of it.

Come and be rebel-utionary!


Snapshot 2 (17-07-2018 14-09)Snapshot 4 (17-07-2018 14-09)

This is how it works:

On Sat 15 Sept, from 10am till 6pm, we will have a whole day of experiencing, feeling, discussing, learning, listening, understanding, break-through-ing … on a boat in London.
The day will be divided into 5 modules and you will all receive a CPD certificate at the end of the experience. You will be provided with: teas, coffees, fruit and biscuits, lunch, a copy of the book and a workbook for the day.

Fee: £250 {in full by 31 AUG}
Early Bird: £199 [in full before 12 AUG]
Max : 9 people


For any further information, Terms & Conditions, booking form and payment details, please email

Thank you!


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