8- Giving Energy Increases Synchronistic Experiences

Once we clearly see the process of Synchronicity, what we observe most often is that PEOPLE provide many of our Synchronistic experiences; yet, sometimes others do not feel comfortable talking to us. (Related to the commonly used, “first-impression theory.”)

As a result, we end up leaving that encounter feeling as though we missed out on something they were supposed to tell us.

We find another step-up in consciousness when we grasp the solution to this problem. We must adopt an additional ethic toward others, one which enhances our attitude of giving as we communicate with them. We must actively “uplift” others by visualizing an expression of a higher connected consciousness in their eyes and on their face… Continue to visualize them moving above their ego into an authentic, united state. As a result of this, not only is the person lifted into a greater level of experience, they are more likely to intuit some message they have for us.

The Eighth Insight Experience Study

“We humans have always sought to increase our personal energy in the only manner we have known, by seeking to psychologically steal it from the others – an unconscious competition that underlies all human conflict in the world.”   James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy

In The Celestine Prophecy, the Eighth Insight is called “The Interpersonal Ethic.” It builds on the previous insight, “Engaging the Flow,” which reveals how our Connection with Divine Intelligence allows us to discover our life’s work and mission.  We soon begin to intuit our meaningful contribution to the world.

As we move forward and have questions about our life’s direction, our energy will resonate with others who can help. The Eighth Insight shows us how others help us in mysterious ways to expand our journey if we treat to others in a specific manner.

Synchronicity — meaningful coincidences — is present to guide us as we grow toward our destiny.  What we can observe is that the people in our lives provide the majority of our Synchronistic experiences.  You can learn to increase your synchronistic flow by using the Eighth Insight to open others up to help you.  Synchronicity can occur in any of our relationships — with Strangers, romantic partners, friends, family members, groups, and especially with our children.

Thus, the Eighth Insight teaches us that in every type of interaction we MUST enhance our attitude of giving as we communicate.  We must “uplift” others by looking past their ego or defence mechanisms to see their spiritual essence.

As you interact with others, even when disagreeing, visualize an expression of a higher Connected consciousness in their eyes of the other person, and on their face. Respond to their authentic, essential self. As a result of this, not only is the person lifted into a greater level of experience, they are more likely to intuit a message or lesson, they have for us.

Chance Meetings:

Remember, chance encounters do not exist. Whenever new people cross our paths, there is always a message for us.  But how we respond to these first-time meetings determines whether we’re able to receive the message. If we have a conversation with someone who crosses our path, and we do not see a message about our current journey in life, it does not mean there was no message. It only means we missed it for some reason.

It is important to monitor your reactions.  If you dislike or feel threatened by someone, the natural tendency is to focus on something about the person that is irritating. Unfortunately, when we do this—instead of seeing the deeper beauty of the person and giving them energy—we take energy away and actually do them harm. All they know is that they suddenly feel less beautiful, less confident, or less energized.

(Also related to the commonly used, “first-impression theory.”)

Hence, we should always remember to uplift their soul (not necessarily their egos) and look past any possible criticisms to find their higher self.  This does not mean that we have to agree with their behaviour or beliefs.  In fact, this ethic should include finding a way to make the conversation a sharing of truths and differences that gives both parties something to think about.  Here is where our desire to give them something they need — i.e. helping inspire a gentle truth about themselves — opens up our own intuition so that we get an idea of what they need and what we can say or do.

Control Dramas:

Control Dramas prevent us from practising the Eighth Insight.  We know that the more we can Connect inside with our Divine Intelligence, the more inwardly secure we become.  It feels like an energy that lifts us.  Without this inner security, we can fall into seeking energy and security from others.  We want attention and approval from others, and if they don’t give it, we seek to steal it from them.  We can seek control over the energy of others by

1) playing the” Poor Me” and guilt tripping someone to give us their attention energy.

2) Playing “Aloof” and mystifying others so they give us energy as they try to learn about us.

3) Interrogating others, and criticizing, making them defer to our superiority.

4) Intimidating and threatening others until they defer to our control.


To avoid using a control drama, try to catch yourself as soon as possible.  You may find you are manipulating others to get their attention, energy, or approval.  Work on feeling inwardly secure by Connecting with the Divine Intelligence inside you.  Remember, you must become intuitively giving to STAY connected.  This works because when you ask how you might help others, you will get an intuitive thought of what to say, how to give a Synchronistic experience to them.  When you open up to your intuitive guidance in this way, it will strengthen your Spiritually Connection.

To avoid being the victim of a control drama, stay alert for someone lowering your energy by seeking to control you (though guilt tripping you, being distant, criticizing you, or being intimidating.) Then just name the game by lovingly saying how you feel.  The game can’t be played if it is brought into awareness. You will protect yourself.  If the person argues with you, just say that’s how you feel, don’t argue back. It allows the conversation to become authentic.

Romantic Relationships:

We’ve always wondered what causes the bliss and euphoria of love to end and suddenly turn to conflict.

When love first happens, you give each other energy freely. You both feel buoyant and elated as the energy builds up, and you feel the incredible high of that we all call being “in love.”  This is a real joining of minds.  But soon one or both people wants to dominate the other to control this joint energy for themselves, and thus they stop giving energy, making their partner feel diminished and lowered.  They fight back with their own control dramas, and you have a Power Struggle.  For romantic relationships to work, both partners have to be secure in their own Spiritual Connection, so they are free to give energy all the time.

A Group Setting:

Interaction in a group is also discussed in the Eighth Insight. In such group meetings, some people feel self-conscious or shy and don’t participate as easily as others. As the group members talk, new ideas surface one at a time. This is optimized if all members of the group are giving energy to each other and not trying to dominate individually out of a need for attention. Each person can feel whether they are the one that is supposed to talk next, or the energy of the group should go to someone else.

Then each member can focus their attention on the person speaking as the group’s energy spontaneously flows. This attention energy helps the person to deliver their contribution with the greatest clarity and depth. This technique helps everyone in the group participate completely.

The idea is to add to the energy of each member of the group by projecting your own energy and not to become so addicted to the ‘rush’ of energy as to monopolize and dominate the group interaction.  Each member must share and follow the energy movement of the group.  If you concentrate on what is being said, you can feel when it is your turn.  An idea will come into your mind. The key to this process is to speak up when it is your moment to do so and to project energy when it is someone else’s time.

Relating to your Children

It is important to apply the Eighth Insight to children. Essentially, when you are dealing with a child, you should adopt the same approach as when you are dealing with adults. When you talk to children honestly and give them energy, it sets the groundwork for how they will eventually relate to others.

General Ideas for relating to children:

– As you discipline, be clear and explain to them why they must learn the intended lesson, and what they did wrong.  Find a way to tell the child the truth in words they can understand.

– Send children your loving energy no matter what their behaviour is and be consistent.

– You must be honest with yourself as you correct a child to make sure you are not using a control drama on them.  Sometimes we use our means of gaining energy unconsciously, so it’s important to develop self-awareness. There should never be another agenda on your part when you are disciplining.

– Deepening your spiritual connection will automatically give you inner security, and your children will see and feel this security and copy what you are doing. When you provide this example, they will grow up secure and Connected, reducing many difficulties in their future adult relationships.

“One of the worst thing that can be done to children is to drain their energy while correcting them.” James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy

The Solution Lies With Each Of Us

The betterment of every life on this Earth begins with illuminating each personal conversation and finishes when we create a world that is Spiritually Connected and characterized by honest communication.  As we all discover how to relate authentically, and we teach this to our children, we create a new generation of people who together can quickly and effectively transform the world.

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All info provided as found on The Celestine Vision website here.

More info regarding dates and meeting and the work of The Resting Tree can be found here. You can contact me via email at info@therestingtreelancs.com or during working hours only on 07576 007363.

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