Matilde Tomat ~ The Resting Tree
Matilde Tomat
The Resting Tree

The Resting Treea space in between breaths – offers workshops & evening events aimed at exploring, inspiring, empowering, creating, imagining & dreaming, in Lancashire.


This is what I do; and this is especially what The Resting Tree can do for you. This, and much more!

Its workshops provide you with a safe space to open up, discuss and explore various options with a focus also on consequences. But the main focus is, and will always be, you.

Tools such as art therapy, games which delve into psychosocial theories and skills, and challenging thinking sessions and discussions are aimed to strengthen your core identity with a final mission of inspiring for self-development, focusing and finally increasing what matters to you the most: well-being? happiness? sales? customers? friends? income? satisfaction?

The sessions are tailored to the specific necessities of a particular group, and are aimed at people:
– who own small to medium businesses and desire to review their own and their business mission, focus and brand;
– who desire to explore their own personal self-development;
– belonging to the underpriviledged strata of the local communities;
– in recovery and their families.

Should you need any further information, please:
email : info@therestingtreelancs.com
facebook : facebook.com/therestingtreelancs
twitter : @therestingtree
or please use the form below:

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!



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