84 days : again!

For the ones who know me, you know how important creativity is for me. And how much I have battled shame and trauma in my life. Most of the people, clients especially, are not aware that we, therapists, keep on going to therapy, work on ourselves; and this journey and work never end. Clients and [...]

one faith project

Following the reading of The Celestine Prophecy (again!) by James Redfield, I have started a One Faith Project following its message and the guidance found in the books. This will also include the existentialist and eclectic counselling perspective, the experience of chaplaincy, and will be based on freedom of faith and expression, supported by deep [...]

#rebeltherapy in London!

And yes, we are coming to London! We are coming with a full experiential exclusive workshop on a boat. Does it get any better than that? What is this all about? Come and find your Voice : discover that hidden part of you that wants to be heard, that one that yells inside, that silent scream. Come and find your Tribe : like-minded [...]

one is the Mother of All

Please, find following the last chapter of my latest book: Rebeltherapy: a therapist journey through addiction, trauma, and Nichiren Buddhism which is now out and can be found it here: https://amzn.to/2wZ9lln. In here I discuss education (namely, the United World College system), Brexit, Nichiren Buddhism, dignity and Mission. *** Nichiren writes that if we inquire into the [...]

A Success Story

A client of mine has agreed, kindly, to share her story with all of you. ******************************************************* 7th March 2018 After 31 months of weekly therapy sessions, I've walked this road, on a Wednesday at 2pm, for the last time today knowing it will be OK, that it is OK to have hope and it is OK to [...]

free talks!

Thanks to the launch of the new book #rebeltherapy and because I am a strong believer in uniqueness and diversity, and the respect of same in every Human Being, I am now offering free 45-minute talks on the importance of individuality as a drive to emotional healing and creativity: how to turn our own traumatic experiences into strength. [...]

#rebeltherapy : the book is out!

The new book Rebeltherapy: a therapist journey through addiction, trauma, and Nichiren Buddhism is finally out! I am proud, happy, exhausted, thrilled, curious... a bit of everything! You will be able to find the book on Amazon both in ebook and paperback version. The link is here :  #rebeltherapy Thank you to all the people who [...]