what we do & why we do it

We all like a good story. I would like to listen to your story…

The Resting Tree – a space in between breaths – offers gentle sessions, workshops & evening events aimed at inspiring, exploring, empowering, creating, imagining & dreaming.

This is what I do; and this is especially what The Resting Tree can do for you. This, and much more!

Its workshops provide you with a safe space to open up, discuss and explore various options with a focus also on consequences.
But the main focus is, and will always be, you.

Tools such as art therapy, games which delve into psychosocial theories and skills, and challenging thinking sessions and discussions are aimed to strengthen your core identity with a final mission of inspiring for self-development, focusing and finally increasing what matters to you the most: sales? customers? friends? income? satisfaction? happiness?

The sessions are tailored to the specific necessities of a particular group, and are aimed at people:
– who own small to medium businesses and desire to review their own and their business mission, focus and brand;
– who desire to explore their own personal self-development;
– belonging to the underprivileged strata of the local communities;
– in recovery and their families.

Should you need any further information, please:
email : info@therestingtreelancs.com
facebook : facebook.com/therestingtreelancs
twitter : @therestingtree

It’s open with no prejudices to anyone of any faith, belief, race, background, education and culture; and we are proud to say that we are above any definition or classification. We do not promote any particular theory, nor steer anyone in a particular direction. Our aim is to help people explore themselves and give them the opportunity to be listened to. The workshops and events will provide a safe space to open up, discuss and explore various options and offer the participants a safe occasion for a conscious self-development; together with the opportunity to meet people from different walks of life who, together, will learn and offer each other unconditional acceptance. Tools such as art therapy and challenging thinking sessions and discussions are aimed to strengthen their core identity and to be able to explore, know and understand others, as in the words of L B Pearson: “How can there be peace without people understanding each other; and how can this be if they don’t know each other?” In this way, a participant will be the co-creator of the sessions. The sessions will be different depending on the participants: however, it might be helpful to get a sense of the style I offer and what might occur during each session. The following descriptions are offerings and not a necessary part of the experience. The sessions adapt to needs of the participants and they are invited to be co-creators of the process. Their communication about what they want and need is vital.

We help the participants make clear and conscious decisions in what they do want because becoming clearer about goals makes it easier to meet them. It really is inspiring to spend some time exploring the things which give life meaning and what one is passionate about!  Evoking these ideas and states and breathing them in does help to reorient someone’s life to what is truly important to the individual. This is why at The Resting Tree we focus on strengths and personal resources as well as the things, which they would like to heal or improve.

When clients are in session they are often talking about the past or the future, but what is extremely important is how they are feeling right then and there because the things they are talking about, the story they are telling now and their current state are related.  So, listening to someone’s own story with conscious awareness offers many opportunities for positive change.


the relationship & the space.

The Resting Tree focuses on trying to truly understand the individual, their walk of life. I seek to work within their view of the world and what is meaningful to them.  This process is a very human one and is about them, their life, their joy and their pain and what gives them a sense of meaning and value; and about how I can support them to live the life they want.

But: do they know what kind of life they want?

One of the most fundamental aspects of any of our sessions is the relationship between the people involved, which of course includes the organizer and provider of the session and the participants.  Many studies have shown that the sense of quality of this kind of relationship is the most important one for the participants achieving what they want from each session.  The importance of this relationship far outweighs any type of qualifications and this is why it is so vital to finding a space, which feels just right for them to be able to express themselves.


working with emotions & the self.

There are many activities, which help any participant deal with emotions.

Drawing or painting, for example, can help focus on what someone is feeling and how he or she can express that emotion. Whether writing a letter that will never be sent, or creating a Ya-Ya box of unexpressed wishes, the participants are asked to learn new ways of expressing their feelings and to appreciate and focus on the good things. This also means facing some unpleasant aspects of life, but with the goal of overcoming them.

Art therapy is finding your safe place for healing, a great way to get to know yourself and your relationships with others, examine aspects if who you are and how you see the world. To focus, empower and soothe.

Many people buy self-help books. They bring them home; do the exercises explained in the various chapters, sometimes skipping some of them or jumping straight into the ‘to-do-list-for-your-own-happiness’ explained in the last colourful chapter. And then?

The Resting Tree offers instead the supervised opportunity to discuss the outcomes of the various exercises and the then to take the results a step forward: to implement them in their daily life.


let’s talk…

We will ask questions and provide reflections for you to understand yourself and your situation more deeply.  As you speak about what is happening, the issues you are dealing with can become clearer. This then allows you to focus on the core of the problem: speaking can help to make sense of what is going on. Through the process of conversation, we may also be able to uncover deep-rooted beliefs, which might not be helping us. In our sessions, instead, there will be opportunities to explore other possible frames of reference and understanding. We will share thoughts, feelings and experiences: it can be very powerful to tell another human being what is really occurring for them.  People can talk to ‘strangers’ about things they don’t feel comfortable telling people who are close to them.  This can be very empowering; it can be life changing to share some ‘hidden’ aspects with someone and to have them respect you for your courage to be truthful.



Although we may think of imagination as something inherently “unreal”, using our imaginations can have very real effects and outcomes.  For example, it has been shown that people who imagine themselves performing a physical task actually improve at it as if they have done actual physical practice.  Imagination has the power to create real change in a mind and in someone’s life. 
One way of using imagination is to focus on what it would be like to have a desired outcome.  By immersing yourself in this desired reality, the feelings of what that would be like are evoked within the session.  Besides simply feeling good, this can help you to remember why it is that “you want what you want”, and inspire you to orient your life towards it.


taking responsibility…

This is not an exhaustive description of what can occur in our workshops, but hopefully, it gives you a taste of what it might be expected.  The approaches are always aimed towards what it is you hope to experience in your life.  It is an accompanied gentle journey of self-discovery.

What we hope to achieve is a sense of greater understanding and self-acceptance, a feeling of increased vitality; a better understanding of negative and self-defeating life patterns; a development of deeper, richer relationships; a more successful navigation of times of crisis and difficulty; an understanding of inner conflict and hence the increased capacity to make life decisions; the amazing feeling of discovery and creation of meaning and purpose in someone’s life; greater self-knowledge; a possible (and most of the time welcomed) connection to your their spirituality; a greater sense of peace and calmness; a feeling of happiness!


the meaningful life…

The participant is without doubt the expert on their inner world and my role is to offer tools, a safe space, guide, intuition; to illuminate, question, empower and mirror what they have discovered – through verbal and creative sharing – so they can see themselves in a clearer way. Every part of them is welcome to express itself in our sessions in an atmosphere of respect, curiosity, fun, acceptance, and finally healing.  Sometimes it is difficult to grow alone and see us clearly, without insightful feedback.


Stronger, more vital, determined and purposeful women (and men) are in needed to play a vital key-role in their families, in education, in society. 

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