For the ones who believe that there is something else out there, that they might not yet fully understand, nor describe.

For the ones who have already a strong sense of faith, but maybe… maybe… the rules and explanations of their religion are too tight.

For the ones who need prayer-time and haven’t found yet the way to pray.

For the ones who do not feel listened, accepted, understood.

For the ones who are searching and don’t know if there is anything to find, or where is it.

For the ones who have so many questions, and a pinch of guilt, and in need of courage, or are confused because everything seems right and nothing feels right.

Welcome! I hope you find solace and peace in this place.

I am not interested in what you believe and I am not here to convert you. Just to tell you about my journey.

As I have explained in details in my book “Rebeltherapy” (that, if you want, you can find here) I have spent a lifetime searching the Truth. Only lately I have sat down and started assessing My Truth: what is it that I believe? What is it that I know [and not because someone told me or it is written in a book or series of book, but because my heart says Yes to it] What is it my foundation, my inner core, my innermost set of values I can fall back onto at any time and that will never forsake me?

Having explored this, and finally feeling at the same time grounded, refreshed, energised, and more powerful, I recognised that I went back to an afternoon in 1996 when reading “The Celestine Prophecy” for the first time and feeling that I was part of a whole, while being whole myself at the same time. I set off last month then for a bit of more exploration regarding the methodology used within the whole series of books connected with “The Celestine Prophecy” [their main website can be found here] and I have decided to open up part of my website here to the whole Insights and to the possibility of creating meeting / sessions to work all Insights from the perspective of the Celestine Prophecy of One Faith or One Reality.

Hence, I am not interested in proselytism, in changing other people’s opinions, but only in meetings where everyone is able to explore, discuss, explain, accept self and others from a respectful multi-faith or even no-faith perspective.

In exchange for this opportunity, I promise that any material that I will upload on my website or YouTube page re. this one-faith project will always be free of charge and fully accessible.

So, if you are a Celestine fan, or a New Age groupie, or simply want to know more, drop me an email and we can then organise a meet-up date [I am based in Lancashire]. Updates and dates will be found on my Facebook page that you can follow here.

Thank you for reading ♥



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