BJ16 – workshops

Matilde’s eight workshop series is inspirational and has enabled me to gain a deeper, more comprehensive and probing insight into my history of addiction, but more importantly a greater clarity around my choices for a healthier, self-actualising future life pathway. Participants are taken on an emotional, psychological and spiritual journey exploring aspects of their individual psycho-social development and personal trauma that may have contributed to their difficulties. We were encouraged, supported and empowered to own our feelings and work through the pain and suffering so often characteristic of our individual backgrounds in order to forge a concrete plan to progress forwards with an increased sense of self-esteem and ability to live true to our core values. Matilde possesses a special gift, a razor sharp empathic awareness of our individual struggles, an emotional intuition, a particular form of sensitivity and insight into the depths of human vulnerability. Via the vehicles of creative expression in various forms, alongside the development of individual memory boxes and group-based discussion Matilde’s thought-provoking workshops kindle a passion for recovery and stimulate a level of self-compassion and personal empowerment that provide a firm foundation to construct a better version of self.

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