New Therapies Offered : Telephone and Written

I have often been asked if I provide different kind of therapies. This most of the times means online sessions (Skype or similar), or body-work, or CBT, or nutritional, or occupational.
The answer is always no.
The reasons are multiple: sometimes you need to have a particular specialisation which I don’t have, or they belong to an area of work I am not interested in, or I don’t believe in.

But lately I have tried and tested both telephone counselling and written counselling (a sort of weekly Agony Aunt). Both have been successful, both worked for the both of us (client and therapist) and I have decided to open the offer to anyone interested.

Telephone counselling works as any other session: we book the time and day, I call you, and we have a normal session. This works for people who have difficulties in leaving the house or the premises, or prefer not to be seen, or not to see the therapist. Or it has been used with usual 1:1 clients who are sick, or away (holiday or work), and still want to have their session. Telephone counselling works also in “urgent situations”.

Written counselling is a bit different: the client has a whole week to write to me via email (and that includes text, docx, pdf) and he can write up to a max of 6000 words per week in total, but divided into as many emails / docs as he wants. I then reply, in written form only, via email. The replies will always be personal and specific to the emails received. They will also provide prompts, suggestions, and links when necessary. My guarantee is that I will be spending at least 50 minutes (as per any 1:1 usual session) only in the writing process. Therap-email also works in “urgent Situations”.

Who is it for: if at any time you are in panic and do not know who you can turn to, you can always write. If you feel shy, do not want to be seen, have a disability or illness, feel intense shame: or just prefer writing. There is no waiting-time till your next session, no travelling involved (you can be even living on the other side of the world!): you simply sit, write, vent out, and send to your almost-real Agony Aunt. Not only that, you will always have my replies to fall back to, re-read, review, while you are dealing with your distress. This is an incredible difference from a 1:1 session!

Both Telephone and Written Email Counselling will need to be pre-paid via bank transfer, and agreed by a contract which will be sent via email and will need to be returned to me prior the first session. Fees are the same as 1:1 session. More info on me, how I work, fees, and what I offer can be found here 

In case of real emergency, please do not hesitate to contact 101, 999, and/or your GP practice.

For urgent telephone and written counselling, fees will reflect the urgency.

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