Generation Sandwich People

We often confuse shame with a sense of anxiety, a pinch of sadness, of not feeling grounded, not being ourselves. We have been conditioned since we were very young, when we were craving for love and affection, at a time when we could not discuss nor understand boundaries. But what we feel, instead, is shame. And as Brené Brown says, shame is never helpful.

And still, we are walking around
with two invisible advertising boards,
that silently shout what we think of ourselves.

Look at me: I am a good girl, such a good good girl, I would do anything to please others, while selling my dreams very short. I am a good boy, a good husband, as one should be, a very good father, and it is not important that I feel miserable every night I walk back home from work. And look at me, instead, I don’t work and I never went to school because I have always been told that I am stupid, that I amount to nothing, that I am a failure, that I am a waste of space, that I am a mistake.


Instead, we laugh and giggle, and if we stumble or spill milk, or break a cup we tell ourselves off: oh, what an idiot! Shame, shame on me…

Thank you River Island for reminding us that labels are just for clothes!







We will explore Shame from the philosophical, spiritual and psycho-therapeutic perspectives; we will talk and share, meet and experience, confide and maybe dream, and turn of story around. For any detailed information, regarding feesoffersTerms & Conditionslocation and directions please contact me at The Resting Tree using the form below or via email at

Shame (on me?)
Date : Saturday 7 APRIL 2018
Time : 10 am – 2 pm
Location : Nelson, Lancs
Fee : £70 (Deposit : £30 by 23 MAR 2018) – Students: £50

Early Bird : extended to Fri 16 March 2018

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