One of the biggest lessons I have learned while doing the 84 Days of the Artist’s Way is to acknowledge my own vulnerability.

I have often acted, done, produced, made, created stuff and put it out there in a sort of ‘matter of fact’ attitude as if confirming more to myself I wasn’t a coward, as I have often been labelled, instead.

Still, I learned to stop and admit I am often scared. That does not stop me from doing things, but I know I need to be more compassionate and caring towards myself.

Hence, today, I took the courage to create a video (one of the many ones that I like making!) but I savored every moment while recording, editing, uploading and now sharing it.

At the same time, I wanted to make sure I was aware of the fact that people might watch it, and comment, and maybe dislike it. Even people I might know, not just some random stranger from far away; someone I might meet in the street tomorrow morning and who might mock me; or a colleague, or my boss, … [because, let’s be honest, this is it: the dread of public humiliation…]

Well, anyhoo, brace yourselves coz here it is :

Published by m tomat

Virginia's owner, fiercely tender & protective, ironically sincere, wildly curious, lyrically logical and simply me! in love with philosophy, psychotherapy, spirituality, and creativity. the rest are just details.

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