I feel very grateful and blessed for this review I have received. The book can be found here : The Men at My White Table

Come sit at Matilde’s White Table

When I was a child, I used to believe in Magic Words. I read fairy tales and mumbled incantations, hoping to stumble across the “right” words, the words that held “the power”.

But now that I’m all grown up, I know the truth. ALL words are Magic. And when the words are arranged in a beautiful, mesmerizing dance, they come alive…living, breathing, and throbbing with the pulse of the passion pounding through them.

The Men at My White Table is one of those magical, living, breathing books. It casts a powerful magic spell, a spell that leaves the reader a willing captive of its enchantment.

Matilde’s power lies in her complete and utter vulnerability, her willingness to slice open her heart and lay it exposed upon the floor. Anyone who has ever loved and lost, or felt pain, humilation, or passion will find themselves inside these pages.

I saw myself in the young girl at her father’s funeral in “Drafted in Pain”, as I was once in that young girl’s shoes. I highlighted huge sections of “The Elegance of the Equation”, nodding over the futility of language to convey personal experiences and perceptions. I sat transfixed by the intensity of the stark black and white photographs scattered throughout the pages, each one reaching out of the page and into the soul.

And of course, I loved, madly and passionately, each and every one of the Men at Matilde’s White Table.

This book will make you think, make you feel, make you remember that you are alive. Eat this book. Drink this book. This book is shimmering, glittering, unforgettable Magic.

Do yourself a favor… come and sit at Matilde’s White Table.


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