My e-book is out: after 84 days of The Artist’s Way, (if you did not follow my experience on my YouTube channel, you can find the videos here) I have finally faced some hard truths and faced some fears and e-published my first Collection in English.


“The Men at My White Table” is a selection of writing and photographic images celebrating 20 years of creativity.

The Author has selected 12 photographs from four different projects; 11 poems originally composed in Italian and newly translated for this collection [these poems enhanced the photographic exhibitions in the style that Matilde has become known for]; an extract of her book “Oltra la Nona Onda” (Beyond the Ninth Wave) based on the elegy “The Wife’s Lament” as found in the Exeter Book [this is the first time that the Author has translated and reluctantly presented to a wider public a piece of work that is very close to her heart]; and 5 short stories all written in English since the author moved to the UK in 2008. Each facet of the stories takes the reader on a journey into an expanded moment in time as an observable instant, analogous to meditation.

About the Author:
Matilde Tomat Dall’Oglio is a writer, photographer, counsellor, and story-teller.
While concentrating on details and minutiae and being seduced by black&white, s/loves choosing themes and subjects where her imagination (or neat casualness) allows her to break conceivable rules and to play with the magic of shapes.
She is a strong believer in her desire to represent simplicity and devoidness, regardless of the medium used. Inspired by that ephemeral boundary between personal and universal pain, she is interested in eternity as a long progression of here&now’s. She doesn’t do “lifetime”.

She published two books and exhibited her photographic works on numerous occasions.
Described as congruent and very human, her art (work/life/being) is founded on unearthing the root while discarding the superfluous.
Born in Italy, she now lives in UK.

Published by m tomat

Virginia's owner, fiercely tender & protective, ironically sincere, wildly curious, lyrically logical and simply me! in love with philosophy, psychotherapy, spirituality, and creativity. the rest are just details.

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