The Artist’s Way

I have decided to follow the experience of the 84 days of The Artist’s Way as described by Julia Cameron in her book.

I have often found that the Counselling / Therapy experience, as much as my work with people in addiction (together with studying and supervision), are not enough for my own personal development: I need more. In order to recharge my batteries and re-ground myself I have often used journaling and creativity as a mean to express my Self and liberate the Conscious  of any excess.

About 9 years ago I have somewhat unconsciously stopped producing art of any shape or form: no more writing of short stories, no more poetry, and no more photographs. I have now consciously decided that this kind of creative holiday has finally terminated. For good.

In order to re-connect with my evolved sense of vulnerability and creativity, I have then decided to try the 84-day challenge as per the book The Artist’s Way. It requires to write every morning, first thing post-coffee, three pages of long-hand writing, and it means writing anything: stream of consciousness, dreams, ‘I don’t know what to write + I don’t know what to write + …’ really: anything. As long as you don’t stop but at the end of three pages. Sooner or later you will hit your sub+un-conscious and your creativity will start flowing again.

Together with these Morning Pages, Julia requires that we read more, take us on a weekly artistic / creative date, and that we try some therapeutic exercises she suggests.

I am not going to give away too much re. the process: the book is exhaustive and you will only need a journal and a pen: your journey of exploration can then begin!

I have created a video  about my decision to follow this process, more as a public commitment, which you will be able to find on my YouTube channel.

I have to say, though, that I am very excited to embark on a new journey of self-discovery!

Should you need any more information, please do not hesitate to follow my Facebook Page for updates, details and videos.

Thank you!


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