Coaching & Counselling in Blackburn

Whether you are a child of someone who was (or still is) in addiction; or you feel that life has thrown at you way too much  (to bear, to feel, to handle,…); you find that there are things about yourself that you don’t understand, or like…; if you stop and realise that the life you are now living is not the one you dreamed about when you were younger; if your day seems to be regulated by anxiety or if you feel that you are living by someone’s standards and desires; if you don’t feel free…

… Please, find someone you can talk to. Someone, anyone, who offers you support, who doesn’t judge you, who listens to you. Find a safe space you can unravel, unwind, talk, discuss, make sense…

If you would like to come and see me, I am a trainee counsellor (just a couple of months left till my Diploma), a recovery coach, and a trainee Buddhist chaplain; which means that you can come to me and talk about life, pain, hurts, hang-ups, past and future; and also spirituality in both a broader and narrower sense. If you would like to come and see me, I am still offering a REDUCED RATE of £15 for 50 therapeutic minutes, until the accreditation of my Diploma and I still have free spaces during the mornings.

Please, reach out ♥ 

The Resting Tree
  1. I’m an insured member of the BACP
  2. …with over 120 counselling hours
  3. …with over 150 recovery coaching hours
  4. …with over 50 hours in Eating Disorders
  5. rate : £15 for 50′
  6. I work exclusively with adults
  7. children are not admitted during the sessions
  8. ph: 07576 007363

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Virginia's owner, fiercely tender & protective, ironically sincere, wildly curious, lyrically logical and simply me! in love with philosophy, psychotherapy, spirituality, and creativity. the rest are just details.

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