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A Finalist at EVA 2015 Awards

Blackburn’s Matilde Tomat who runs The Resting Tree has reached the finals of the Enterprise Vision Awards, the North West’s premier women’s business awards. 

Matilde  was chosen as a finalist from hundreds of entries across the region and was nominated in the Coaching / Training Category. She will be interviewed on Monday 27 July by a panel of 3 judges. The winners will then be announced at a red carpet dinner in Blackpool in September. Matilde’s enterprise is well known locally and has been working with CRI Inspire in Burnley, Juice SRG in Colne and Salus in Withnell.

Matilde recently devised a series of 8 workshops based on Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development in order to address traumas in the participants to her workshops.

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Matilde is a Perfect Daughter, i.e. a daughter of two alcoholic parents.  Born in Italy in the 60’s, she studied and travelled extensively until she settled in Lancashire.
She has been mainly working in Marketing, Branding & Lovemarks. She has also been a teacher, a tutor and a mentor. Since in UK, she studied Counselling & Psychotherapy and realised that she could not run away from alcoholism: she has then embraced her past and The Resting Tree was born: to inspire and help people with any addiction and their families, get them engaged and focused.
She has created a series of various workshops using all the skills she has learned along the way, from Branding to Counselling, Learning to Teaching, Suffering to Self-Development.
Matilde is of course very grateful for the opportunity given and proud of her achievement. She said, still, that during the process of this award, the focus should foremost stay with the people recovering from addiction and their families, who often struggle and have nowhere to turn to, and helping them to address underlying traumas and deep sadness instead of having them expressed as anger and depression. Should anyone desire to know more, The Resting Tree can be contacted at 07576 007363.

The EVA awards, now in their fifth year, aim to help women celebrate their achievements and contemplate future business development.

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