… Caroline, who came to mine one evening and we discussed Responsibilities and Addiction.

Both my parents kept on blaming their parents, the State, History, their friends, me and my sister, God above and the whole world, basically. There was always an excuse for not stopping drinking.

Adults, instead, do fully take responsibility. If you scream and shout at me, the choice of how I react lies always in me; whether you scream, or punch, or steal from me… I always have a choice on how to respond. I lose a job, I am made redundant, I get sick, my partner leaves me for greener pastures: I always have a choice on how to react.

It’s the same for Businesses: you don’t perform as you used to do, you have many expectations but still you don’t hit the targets, clients don’t buy from you anymore, your Boss hates you… it’s not a matter of blaming or finding a fault, but instead of taking full conscious responsibility. Unless you still prefer to think that this is due to the Market, bigger Companies, employees who don’t perform as they should, the Credit Crunch, et.

Rationally, sitting down and thinking: was there anything I could have done differently? but especially: how can I move forward?

May I suggest you have a look at “Perfect Daughters” by Robert J. Ackerman p.66 about Integrity vs. Disgust? You are able to find the book here.

Whether you are (unfortunately) an Adult Child of Alcoholic Parents, or in Business but still find the things that keep on happening to you ‘unfair’: it’s all a matter of truly becoming and living as we wish to be.

Sending good vibes, as per usual…


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