Hurt People, Hurt People

Who writes these words and runs The Resting Tree is somewhat a believer, a forgiven believer.

I have been hurt, I have been abused and my parents were hurt and abused, too.

Their way to cope was alcohol, depression, anger, co-dependency and suicidal attempts.

Mine was panic attacks, anxiety and depression. And lies, co-dependency, fear, guilt, shame.


I was born a Catholic, studied religions and spirituality since 1993 and I tried them all. I think I have read a good 75% of self-help books, too!

I went through a marriage, a separation and a divorce.

I moved not only house multiple times, but country. I know what it means being alone, frustrated, hopeless and discouraged.

I have worked in Marketing/Branding and as a PA, giving lectures and interactive talks.

I am now going even deeper as a trainee counsellor.


This is the reason why The Resting Tree was created, and why I have decided to help other hurt people.

Hurt people, hurt people. What you do with your pain, is what counts.


This is my story. What’s yours?

Published by m tomat

Virginia's owner, fiercely tender & protective, ironically sincere, wildly curious, lyrically logical and simply me! in love with philosophy, psychotherapy, spirituality, and creativity. the rest are just details.

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